Just Across My Fence is a study guide to accompany the book Little Britches by Ralph Moody. Little Britches is one of the last written accounts of life as it occurred in the early 1900’s. Ralph and his family arrived in Colorado in 1906. His father had become ill working in the wool mills off New Hampshire, and the family came to Colorado with hope to improve his health. They experience many trials and adventures in their new life in the west.  Their new ranch was 4 miles west of Englewood, Colorado in the rural area of Morrison.


   Nearly  60 years after Ralph’s adventures in this area, Leanne Conner grew up in Englewood. She was first introduced to Ralph and his adventures in the 4th grade as her class studied Colorado history. Little Britches helped bring local history to life for the class. 32 years later, Leanne began writing Just Across My Fence. She meticulously dissected each chapter of Little Britches and discovered a wealth of information, recipes, vocabulary, and wisdom to be shared with her readers. Her final product expanded to become 348 pages long. Approximately half of them belonging to the appendices which contain information to help the reader better understand the life and times of the old west. See our sample pages section to view several of them, as well as see how the pages for each chapter are laid out.


   Along with the detailed information given, participants will experience an old time style movie that comes along with the study. It visually takes the viewers through the Little Britches book using actual historical photos of the area and events in which the story takes place.


   Just Across My Fence can be shipped to you for only $85.00. We also have available the Little Britches text for an additional $15.00. These prices include shipping!  Please contact us if you have any questions!


Leanne Conner
Author Just Across My Fence
ABOUT Just Across My Fence: A Little Britches Companion Study
The study guide includes projects and activities associated with each chapter. 
Included in Just Across My Fence:
  • Colorado History
  • Literature
  • Character training and Scripture studies
  • More than 300 vocabulary words from the reading
  • 48 family-oriented projects
  • Writing assignments
  • Dozens of authentic recipes
  • DVD supplements including photographs of the settings in Little Britches; video segments of the making of cowboy hats and rope, and a vocabulary visuals segment for those hard-to-describe Colorado ranching terms
FlowerJarJust Across My Fence is organized for easy use, listing all the items needed for each chapter’s study.  Also included are 44 appendices, including maps, newspaper articles, and covering a variety of topics from branding cattle and the history of barbed wire to poems, embroidery, and a 1906 goods and price index.  The appendices limit your need to do additional research, and permission is granted to reproduce maps and worksheets for a family or class.
You can view sample pages of Just Across My Fence here [1.71MB].  Included are 11 pages: the cover page, the table of contents, a few pages from the chapters, and the appendices table of contents.  It’s a large file to download, but it gives a good overview of the book.
PURCHASING THE BOOK Just Across My Fence: A Little Britches Companion Study
The full color, spiral-bound edition, including the DVD is $85.00.  Price includes tax, shipping, and handling. You can also receive the book Little Britches for and additional $15.00